About Jason

Jason Hartline has worked in the Public Relations field for going on three years in various fields of the discipline from educational to consulting. Public Relations can easily be described as an obsession in Jason’s life. He loves everything from the study to the practice and hopes to broaden his education through the course of his life and career in PR.

While attending South Plains College, Jason was the chapter president of the SPC student Government Association, president of Region 1 Student Gov. which consists of 16 junior colleges in West Texas. Jason held the position of News Editor for the Plainsman Press and Vice President of Leadership for Phi Theta Kappa.

Because of Jason’s dedication and involvement at SPC, he was able to receive his B.A. from Texas Tech University in just one year.

His duration at TTU allowed him to truly dive into the Public Relations discipline and explore many areas of the study.

Jason had the opportunity to intern in for the South Plains College Office of College Relations, and for Nomiss Communication.

“The education I received at both institutions and through my internships was absolutely phenomenal,” Jason said. “I’ve had the pleasure and opportunity of meeting great professors, classmates, members of the community and being personally taught by amazing mentors. I feel I have acquired a high skill set in Public Relations because of the experience and education I have received.”

Jason plans to further his education by obtaining a Master’s in Public Affairs. After, Jason strives to become a foreign diplomat for the Department of State.


Jason specializes in multiple facets of public relations including print and broadcast media, graphic design and social media, to name a few.

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