PR is Putting Social Media to Work

The use of social media has expanded into the daily lives of PR professionals. They use it to communicate with customers and to respond to questions of problems.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and various other social media sites have become essential tools in the PR professionals arsenal.

“There are so many uses,” said Jeremy Pepper. “PR is able to participate in conversations and answer questions, be a support system for clients and companies, as well as empowering customers and power users to be a de facto resource for your company, a champion for your products.”

On the subject of business to business, Pepper went on to say that social media is amazingly used to align PR goals and figure out what the Return on Investment is for the client.

PR professionals are using social media to also add authenticity.

Just look at Barack Obama! Let’s not stop there, most political figures have embraced social media.

The White House has an official presence on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, plus its own blog-powered website, for example. In addition, more and more local and national representatives from all over the world are taking to the web to connect with their constituents.

For example, on twitter Claire McCaskill (@clairecmc), the junior U.S. Senator from Missouri, has nearly 44,000 followers. Accordings to, this makes her the second-most popular person in Congress.

This adds authenticity because it gives the Senator the chance to be more personal in her communications endeavors. This is just one example of politicials are utilizing the personal touch of social media.

Furthermore, the senator has developed a hashtag for Missourians to use so that she can connect with as many of them as possible.

Whether in the augmented reality of social media or real-life, the most successful PR pros focus on creating active relationships and truly engaging with their publics to have a real conversation. PR professionals are using social media in a lot of ways that include as either an enhancement or supplement to traditional PR forms of PR.

It isn’t about just putting a PR pitch on Twitter or Facebook, it’s about using the platforms in ways that help clients to connect.


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